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Pete offers exclusive and strictly limited one-to-one coaching for business owners, managers, sales people or anyone looking to take their career and income to the next level.

Daimien Patterson

Integrity Group

“There are very few people who have a depth of knowledge about business as Pete Kvist. When I started my business Pete Kvist gave me a piece of advice that went on to help me grow my business from a small one man operation to a multi-million dollar business that employees dozens of staff.”

Darryl Lovegrove

Lovegrove Entertainment

“Pete has a fantastic, relaxed and fun manner which allows you to totally free up your concerns and pain. He then is able to target fabulous strategies in an engaging manner. I came away with a much clearer vision of the vision and changes I had to make.”

Spaces for Pete’s One-On-One Coaching are Extremely Rare


Join Pete Kvist for a live and fully interactive workshop. Book today as an ideal companion to a keynote presentation, or a completely stand-alone training experience you will love. Workshops are extremely flexible and tailored to you and your client’s needs for the relevant industry,timing and audience size.

Workshops Are

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Based on Pete’s book of the same name, this ground-breaking workshop takes apart piece by piece societies expectations and sub conscious actions online. It then takes all the random pieces and puts them back together as a coherent understandable formula which you can relate to almost any industry.

In this workshop, you will discover

  1. How to correctly lay out a website to triple conversions
  2. The three golden questions you must answer for your website visitor within the first 5 seconds
  3. The seven biggest mistakes people make with their website and how you can avoid them
  4. How to find the right people to work on your website without breaking the bank

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What if you could take the 80% of tasks you either hated or weren’t good at and have someone else do them for a fraction of the cost of your current hourly rate? Join the revolutionary thinking of entrepreneurs who have learned how to outsource almost everything they do, freeing up incredible amounts of time to focus on what’s actually important.

In this workshop, you will discover

  1. What tasks you currently complete that are draining your
    life and affecting your income
  2. A list of tasks in your life that you can immediately outsource to free up time
  3. The five biggest mistakes people make when leaping into
    outsourcing and how to avoid them
  4. The exact places to find the best people in the world to work for you at a price you would never believe

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