Pete Kvist Keynote Speaking FAQ's

We are a school, not-for-profit or charity organisation. Does Pete offer discounts?

Generally speaking, over 90% of Pete’s speaking engagements are full-fee. As speaking is his primary source of income and how he earns a living, this is how he puts food on the table and a roof over his family’s head.


Occasionally, Pete will accept to speak at a discount with the aforementioned organisations provided there is ample opportunity for him to gain value through the experience, along with several other important factors.


Pete never considers any offer to speak, no matter what the organisation, unless all travel and speaking related expenses are covered before negotiation of a discounted speaking fee.


There are a strictly limited number of discounted speaking events Pete is able to conduct each year, so if you have a valuable proposition, please do not hesitate to contact the speaking agent asap with as many details as possible and what the speaking proposal is.


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What does Pete charge for a keynote presentation?

All Pete’s speaking fees are available through his speakers agent where you were able to find out about him.


The fees are extremely competitive for the industry, but Pete will always provide exceptional value for you and your guests with raving reviews and exciting outcomes.


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Why does it cost this amount for a keynote presentation?

Some people express concern about speakers fees, though as mentioned, Pete’s rates are some of the most competitive in the industry.


Keep in mind that as a speaker, it is their job to ensure they deliver an entertaining, relevant, cutting edge presentation that is based on the most recent technologies and findings.


As speaking is a career, presenters are not paid a single cent for any research, rehearsal, material development, administration, office expenses or anything else aside from when they are paid to speak.


Each keynote presentation requires about 40 hours of work from a team behind the scenes, which includes preparation for specific audiences and tailoring research to ensure the presentation is on point, no matter who is in the audience. Presentations can also include significant travel and extended time away from home and family.


Remember, it takes a lot of practice to make a presentation sound natural, off the cuff and conversational!


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Can we speak directly with Pete prior to the speaking engagement?

Absolutely! Pete ensures that before every event, a meeting is scheduled with event organisers so that he can tailor his presentation specifically for the audience to which he will be speaking.


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Can we have Pete’s presentation a few days or weeks in advance?

Generally speaking, the answer is no. For any keynote speaker, their slides are business IP which has been developed over a long period of time and are extremely valuable.


Pete provides slides prior to the event no sooner than 24 hours before he speaks.


For more information, please see Pete’s A/V requirements on the Speaker Resources page.


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Can we provide Pete’s slides to participants?

As mentioned above, due to the IP value of slides as business assets, professional speakers do not make slides available to participants or organisers to view and use at their discretion.


Under very specific event circumstances, Pete is able to create custom content and slides for an event for a negotiated fee. Please contact your speakers agent to discuss.


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Can we film Pete’s presentation and make it available online?

It’s important to cover this off prior to the event as some event organisers have put staff, videographers, the speaker and themselves in awkward situations once a keynote speaker has arrived, which is not comfortable for anyone.


As a keynote presentation is the product and livelihood of a professional speaker, it is not possible for them to simply give it away for free or allow others to give it away or sell it for a profit unless this is agreed to by negotiation prior to the event for a suitable fee.


Everyone has to make enough money to put food on the table and to support our families, so it is appreciated that you understand the importance of this point.


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How long can Pete stay for after his presentation?

It is very much preferred that there is a break immediately following Pete’s presentation so that he is able to meet and chat with guests, as this is certainly part of the value he offers.


In almost all cases upon request at the time of booking, Pete will be able to stay for a meal or networking session immediately after the presentation if one is scheduled, as this is a great opportunity for you to schedule some more personal time with VIP or premium clients or guests.


Please discuss with your speaking agent these terms prior to booking.


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If we pay for extra nights accommodation, can Pete stay for the duration of our conference or to be available to participants/members?

Pete loves adding as much value as possible for clients and their guests. Staying for additional time however, means Pete is unable to earn an income and also valuable time away from his family.


If you would like Pete to stay for an extended period, please discuss the details with your booking agent and a suitable fee can be negotiated for the additional time requirements. In many cases, this can be a great value add for your event and guests and something Pete loves to do.


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Do we need to provide gifts for a keynote speaker?

Haha. I think Pete wrote this one himself, although we do get this question quite a bit.


Gifts are most certainly appreciated, though never expected and Pete promises you’ll still be friends if there are no presents for him following a presentation. Pete wants to assure you that prompt speaking fee payments are more than adequate.


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Can Pete help create content to promote the event that he will be speaking at?

Be sure to mention when you book that you would like Pete to provide a short video speaking directly to camera to help promote the event. If you provide a few bullet points, Pete will weave his charm and magic to help build the excitement!


If you would like something more substantial, multiple videos, or edited material, these are more than possible, though are negotiated on an event by event basis.


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What are Pete’s audio/visual requirements as a speaker for when he presents?

All Pete’s audio and visual requirements can be found on the Speaker Resources page


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What are Pete’s travel requirements for when he presents?

All Pete’s travel requirements can be found on the Speaker Resources page


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Where can I find more information?

More information is available on the Speaker Resources page or through your speakers agent.


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